Golf Club

Golf Center is spread over an area of 45 hectares. Within this complex, there is golf course with 9 holes length 2701 m (5402m) and a pair of 36 (72), with six water and 20 pedestrian barriers.



Become a member of the first golf course in Vojvodina and enjoy the peaceful surroundings along the
river Tisa and the beautiful landscape that provides a unique complex in the heart of the plains.
Find the best option for you and enjoy the adventure of golf throughout the year.

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Tournaments and results

Golf club Center in cooperation with the Golf Association of Serbia organizes international, national and club tournaments. Every year a series of club tournaments are held

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Become a Golfer

If you are not sure whether golf is a sport for you or not, but you’d still like to try to hit the ball and to
find out more about it, DEMO CLASS is the right choice for you.

Learn general information about golf in Serbia and worldwide, get to know golf equipment and try to
play it.

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Become a golfer

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